The Early Education Federation welcomes Steve Maharey as the new Minister of Education but also acknowledges the contribution made by Mr. Mallard.

“We look forward to working with Mr. Maharey on early childhood issues, ” says Federation spokes person, Helen Baxter. “While Trevor Mallard was the Minister of Education there has been a lot of progress made in the early childhood sector, much of which has been advocated by the sector for some time.”

Ms Baxter says that the Government and the sector have worked in partnership to develop a long term strategic plan for the sector and they are keen to see it fully implemented.

“Working together to achieve common goals is what we are about”, said Ms. Baxter. “We have appreciated Mr Mallard’s consultative approach and we hope that Mr Maharey will continue in the same vein.”

The Federation represents the interests of 17 key early childhood organisations from around the country.